Sunday, 2 August 2015

Long Weekend!

Happy August! I hope everyone is having a fabulous long weekend! I had big Halifax plans and then those plans were ruined by Isaiah becoming suddenly employed (yay!) so I ended up at the Watson family reunion yesterday.

It was nice to see the family even if it was a bit overwhelming to see everyone at once. Everyone has the same questions which I understand but the conversations do get a bit repetitive on my end. Yes, I'm feeling good. Yes, it's nice to be home. Yes, we enjoyed Toronto. No, I'm not working yet.

I was a bit of a germaphobe the entire day due to the amount of people around but it all seemed to be okay. The one thing I'm trying to be careful about is sharing food and beverages with Amy. We never cared before as we basically had the same microorganisms anyway. But now that my lungs are fantastic and hers are less-than-fantastic, we need to be much more diligent about not sharing things. Diligence!

Lobster hats for all.


Anonymous said...

Family Reunion questions are repetitive for us all! Nope we don't have grand-children. Yes I had been ill and Yes I am feeling better. Yes we are "sort of" retired. We just have to presume it is from caring and not just for gossip/curiosity's sake, right? LOL Still loven your blog!

Alley said...

Haha good point, I guess everyone has to answer the same questions. Perhaps it would be easier if we all announced the answers to the main five questions before everyone is allowed to mingle.