Monday, 10 August 2015


A groundhog ate my plants! I'm so annoyed. I went to take the compost out and I saw something brown scurry under the deck. I told myself that it wasn't a rat and yelled at Isaiah to get outside right now. I then noticed that two of my zucchinis were chewed to shreds, my lettuce had been razed, and my peas were all but holding on.

We didn't see anything under the deck so went back inside. A few minutes later, Isaiah was watching the porch and yelled out that it was a groundhog munching on my plants as it had returned. We moved everything higher or to the front of the house but not before Mr. Groundhog did some serious damage. The neighbours came outside to inform me that they had taken some pictures of him eating the lettuce. Thanks guys.

Since moving everything out front, he seems to have stopped eating things. He left all the nightshade plants alone which is good. The landlord is going to call someone about getting live traps so he will leave. I always thought groundhogs were cute until now. Stupid Groundhog.

Gnawed off plants.

My poor lettuce. It was doing so well before this.

Where the zucchinis were.

Peas that were not chewed to pieces!

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LittleM said...

I think I speak for us all when I say we want to see the neighbours pics