Saturday, 22 August 2015

Tidnish pottery!

I went back to the Tidnish Bridge Art Studio yesterday and picked up my pieces and made a new one. I didn't use the wheel and it was very much as "build whatever you want" type thing. Because they aren't an actual studio, it's even more makeshift than the museum in Toronto but it's still very relaxing. I made a half circle thing that I hope I can use for my earrings. It ended up looking like nothing I had envisioned when going in but such is how these things usually turn out.

My pieces from before are really pretty. One of them is bubbly and not the colour that I expected. Even the instructor didn't know what happen. It was suppose to be Autumn leaves which is like burnt sugar only browner and it's simply brown and bubbly. I'm sure someone will like it as a vase.

My 'beach themed' pieces.
A blue bowl. It's almost perfectly round. I think it's my best bowl to date.
Weird colour on what could be a cute little vase.

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Susan Pitman said...

love the blue bowl and "bubbly" thingy! it's like magic every time - never knowing exactly how it will all turn out! good work Allison! glad too to read you made out well in TO!