Saturday, 15 August 2015

Economy Falls.

Isaiah and I went for a hike yesterday in Economy to a waterfall nearby. I was actually surprised by the number of waterfalls in the area that one can hike to. We'll be checking those out hopefully in the future when Isaiah has days off work.

My knee has been bothering me this week so I haven't been able to go biking as I'm concerned about injuring it further but it felt fine hiking, a bit sore afterward but thankfully not while on the trail. My lungs were what was bothering me while walking up the giant hill. I've been feeling better overall but the hiking got me breathing deeply which came with a few coughing fits. I realized that I still don't know how to breathe properly. Isaiah kept telling me to take deep breaths because I honestly don't have practice with that.

My coping strategy pre-transplant was to not breathe much upon quick bursts of exertion (like running across the street or up a flight of stairs) as that way I wouldn't be crippled with coughing halfway through. The less I breathed, the more likely I could do the short burst of energy and could cough or hyperventilate quietly once I finished.

Obviously, that wasn't healthy and not helpful now that I can breathe deeply without coughing fits. I need to return to yoga where I may actually be able to 'breathe in' and 'breathe out' when instructed instead of my usual shallow breathing at double the speed of everyone else.

View from top of waterfall.
Bridge at the top. Only slightly wobbly.
At the bottom! It was much cooler in person. My phone doesn't photograph moving water very well.
Found a little beach afterward in Economy. The water was actually warm thanks to the cove.

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