Thursday, 13 August 2015

Pfts are normal.

I had a lung function test today and it was the same as two weeks ago. Yay! So the dip seems to just be a dip and/or the medication is working. They've come back up at home too, not to the full constancy but gradually improving. My cough is pretty much down to nothing but I still have wicked coughing attacks sometimes (usually while talking to someone about how great I'm feeling) so my lungs aren't totally clear. I haven't heard anything about my x-ray so I'm assuming it's clear although it could just be that they haven't gotten the ones from Toronto yet so have nothing to compare it too. Obviously, it looks better than the ones that they have on file from before my transplant.

That's all the medical news. Isaiah and I went to the beach after my pfts for some wading and strolling. It was beautiful. 

The tide was out. I waded out past the lifeguard buoys and never made it above my waist.

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