Monday, 3 August 2015

Glazed some pottery

On Thursday, my pottery from the little studio in Tidnish was ready to be glazed! I had my pfts later that day so the instructor said I should have my colours all planned out ahead of time so I wouldn't be rushed. I thought I had an idea until I got there and she brought in four boxes of glazes. Some of the colours I had used before in Toronto but a lot were new. She also had a new kind that she hadn't used very much so couldn't tell me much about it except that it's not suppose to run so acts very much like an underglaze but with regular glaze properties. She wasn't sure how it would interact with the other types of glaze but I decided to take a chance and layer the beautiful blue over 'old copper' (which I've used loads in the past). Who knows how it will all turn out!

Three of my pieces. The mystery blue and a aqua with 'desert' which I'm hoping gives a beachy feel.

A vase..? Glazed with what I think is Autumn leaves but I'm nervous I switched the colours and it's actually burnt sugar. Either way, it should be pretty.

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