Thursday, 20 August 2015

Yoga in the Park

On Tuesday, I finally made it to yoga in the park! I had tried two weeks ago and no one was there and last week I didn't make it either since I was in Halifax. But I finally made it with three other people in Springhill. It was my first yoga class in forever, I've done basic poses at home but I always get more out of it when other people are around. Mostly because the instructor says to hold the poses longer than I do at home and if I'm following a youtube video, the video doesn't notice if I quit early.

I forgot how hard yoga can be. I had always said that the yoga classes here were mostly relaxing but then my abs and arms were giving out and I was wondering what was going on. The ab work was harder mostly because from my lack of coughing, I no longer have massive ab muscles.

It was fun being outside even though I kept breaking poses to brush ants off myself. Next week I'll be in PEI but hopefully I can get to go more often once I stop traveling around the province.

The instructor is big on breathing exercises at the end of class which is excellent for strenghting lung muscles and for overall health. As I mentioned while hiking, I tend to hold my breath or breathe shallow while exercising which isn't healthy. I was psyched that I could actually mostly follow along when she did the deep breaths and holding exercises without having to take a million breaths in between. I could really tell the difference and it was marvelous.

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