Thursday, 6 August 2015

Boo infection.

I'm sick. Boo.

It started about a week ago when I started having a dry cough. And then a few days ago my fev1 at home dropped a bit and didn't bounce back up, even with the humidity leaving. Yesterday I made the panicked phone call to both Halifax and Toronto of 'what do I do!! Fix me!!' Unfortunately, the main coordinator in Halifax who acts as the go between for patients and doctors is on vacation (she should never be allowed to leave!!) so everything was a bit chaotic.

This was my afternoon: I left a message with Halifax to say I had a cough and my fev1 was down so what do I do. I also called Toronto, basically saying the same thing. Toronto responded immediately saying that they prefer to let the family doctors or the Halifax clinic do the treatment as they can't see me. So I left another message with Halifax to say they had to deal with me. I also called the family doctor but the earliest appointment I could get was Tuesday so that wasn't much help. I called Toronto back to say that Halifax wasn't responding and that I had to wait until Tuesday. Finally, when I called Halifax for the third time to leave a message about my family doctor someone answered.

That person then had to chase down a doctor who had someone else call me to relay the plan. And then I had to call my family doctor back to cancel my Tuesday appointment. Most of this while I was trying to have a leisurely hike around the Amherst Bird Sanctuary.

The plan is for antibiotics for two weeks and aerosol masks for a month, plus a x-ray last night. Boo aerosols! I was hoping for an antibiotic at most and a 'monitor it' at the very least. Aerosols for a month is not pleasant but I'm not as bummed out by it as I thought I might be. Honestly, I'll do whatever I need to to get rid of this cough/infection so it doesn't get any worse. I'm not pleased about it but I need these lungs to stay shinny new for as long as possible.

Everything was shipped down to me on the bus today (NS health care rocks), even a new aerosol machine which is excellent. Although I'm sure the new one will not last as long as my old faithful one which is still going strong after 20+ years. 

New vs old machine. Which one will last longer? My bet would be on the old one.
Bird sanctuary! We saw a crow.

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Amy Watson said...

Your new one needs special stickers too!