Sunday, 14 January 2018

Cancer check up

My cancer has not returned! My appointment on Thursday was very speedy and the doctor seemed ready to push me to 6 months visits but decided on one more at 4 months just to round out the year. She agreed with a sigh to fill out the camp paperwork for me although it's hard to say when she'll actually get it done. 

I don't think I've talked about the cancer camp before, there are many camps designed for cancer survivors but this one, Camp Koru, is specifically for young adults who have had a cancer diagnosis and are in remission. They offer are surfing/paddle boarding camps in Maui and ski camps in Oregon. 

It's "a camp to help cancer survivors diagnosed between 18-39 to find healing and renewal through outdoor experiences in the ocean and mountains." - quote taken from their website. I've gone back and forth if I am the right person for this camp, I already spend a lot of time outside and I feel as though I've healed emotionally from whatever trauma the cancer caused. Although then I have one slightly lightheaded spell and immediately think the cancer is back and start picturing every possible scenario. So I do think it would be nice to meet some people my own age who have gone through a similar experience. Maybe they can tell me how to get over the fear of a recurrence. And if nothing else, it's a week in Maui learning how to surf! Finger's crossed to getting in!

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

I remembered yesterday that I had 100% forgotten about blogging on Sunday. Oops. David and Cindy were here for the weekend and we played a lot of games and went skating a few times, at Springhill's indoor and outdoor arena. It was cold skating outside but I wore enough that by the end I was stripping off layers (like one of my three scarves and one of my two pairs of mittens).
Zooming down one side of the rink!
Mine and David's attempt at an artsy sunset pic.
I've been trying to get outside to enjoy the little bit of snow we have before it all disappears in the rain this weekend. I haven't made it downhill skiing yet but my cross country skis are being put to good use. Plus Isaiah has a bit of a cold so the more time I spend outside, the less chance I have getting sneezed on and catching the bug.

Following random four wheeler tracks to see where they lead!
I'm off to Halifax for a hemotology appointment. I predict everything will be fine based on the amount of energy I have but nothing is ever certain. I'm hoping the doctor will fill out my paperwork so I can try to go to a camp for "young adult cancer survivors" in April. I'm not sure if I'm still "young adult" at 31 but according to the rules, you just have to have had cancer before you hit 30. I may as well try!

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! And Happy Birthday to meeeee!!!!! This birthday doesn't feel quite as symbolic or important as last year's big 30. It's more of a recognition that I'm doing well and am moving forward from all my medical drama. This past year is the first in about 8 years where I haven't spent a single day of it admitted in the hospital.

Onto a new year! My goals for the last year were to run a 5km and do something creative once a week. I ran the 5km but I'm not sure I actually did something creative every week. I did paint and sew way more last year than previous years so I count that as a win.

My non-exercise goal this year is to work on my calligraphy. I would like to improve my handwriting so it no longer looks like chicken scratch.

I also am going to try and do yoga every day. That may be a bit ambitious but I've been doing yoga videos for the last few months and really enjoy it. I feel better overall and I think it's improved my balance for other sports like skating and cross-country skiing.

My other exercise goals are to hike 50 trails, run five 5km (because I did one last year so why not jump to 5 this year), and cycle 750km.

2018 will be the year of activity! 

I hope everyone has a warm and wonderful New Year!

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Merry Christmas!


We had a wonderful time in Cuba. We spend the week snorkelling, kayaking in an inflatable kayak, and eating a lot of ice cream. We were in a small town where almost no one spoke English so it was a very immersive experience into the Cuban culture. Cindy and David translated for us at the restaurants but even then, it was somewhat of a guess as to what we were ordering. It was all delicious (except for the not order spaghetti in Cuba) and we had a lot of fun. I would definitely go back if I get the chance.

After spending a week in a country of scarcity, it was a bit of a shock to return to Canada and be bombarded with Christmas advertising telling me to buy everything in sight for every person I know. While that is over the top and to be ignored, I am thankful for our full grocery stores and consistently running water.

Our Christmas will be quite low-key although the meal on Boxing Day is going to be wonderfully chaotic with a lot of family. I better go help with the prep for our Indian themed Christmas meal!

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday with family and friends and a lot of good food!

The ocean side of one of the B&Bs where half of us stayed. The pile of coral and debris was washed up after the hurricane.
We all made it!
The 2nd B&B where half the family stayed was two houses down from the 1st. It had a wonderful swing on the back porch where we spent a lot of time. 

Sunday, 10 December 2017


The Watson family is off on vacation! It's part Aruba lung celebration do-over, part Christmas celebration, and part taking advantage of David and Cindy being back in the Maritimes for a few months.

It's obviously my first Caribbean beach vacation since my transplant so I've packed a suitcase of sunscreen. I'll be the one on the beach in the shade or wearing pants and a long sleeve shirt because I'm terrified of burning. I burn so quick on my anti-rejection medication and I'm at such a high risk of skin cancer that sunning on the beach isn't a good life decision. I'm sure I'll still get plenty of sun when I'm snorkelling or around Havana.

I'm sure the vacation will be a lot of fun and super chaotic with 8 people making dinner decisions. Can't wait!