Sunday, 17 September 2017

Dermatology appointment

I had my dermatology appointment and I don't have skin cancer! It was a pretty quick appointment. After taking a medical history (always the longest part), the doctor looked me all over and said all my freckles look normal. She then gave me a list of approved sunscreens and pamphlets of things to look for that had with terrible pictures of skin cancer on them and booked a follow up in a year.

While the most common skin cancer in the general population is basal cell carcinoma, with people on anti-rejection medication, we are more likely to get squamous cell skin cancer. Squamous skin cancer develops from actinic keratoses or "sun spots." The spots themselves aren't cancerous but the doctor said she would want to treat me because there is a strong likelihood they would turn into cancer. She also said that they treat squamous skin cancer very aggressively because it can be fast moving and spread other areas.

All in all,  I need to be on the lookout and check my skin every once in awhile. If it's caught early, it's very treatable. And to wear sunscreen every day, even when it's cloudy. The grocery store was clearing it out so I stocked up on some nice face stuff.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Doctor appointments

I had my fourth month hematology check-up on Thursday and I still don't have cancer! Woohoo! That's what I expected to hear because my blood work has all been normal the past few months but it's still a bit of a relief every time. I'm hoping at a certain point my fear of recurrence will go away but I'm not there yet. It feels a bit silly to celebrate the lack of something but that's where I am in life. Everyone should take a moment to celebrate any day they don't have cancer.

I have my first dermatology appointment this week. I've waited 8 months for this appointment. I'm so accustomed to jumping the line for doctor's appointments that waiting like a healthy person is unusual. It's just a consult appointment as every transplant patient is suppose be followed by a dermatologist. The prevalence of skin cancer is high post-transplant thanks to all the medications. I'm pretty good at wearing sunscreen every day and not lounging all day in the sun but my years of being stupid about sunscreen as a teen combined with my now superhero ability to burn after 10 seconds outside could catch up with me. It'll be nice to have a baseline consult. Plus I'm looking forward to pointing out all my random skin bumps and have her tell me what they are.

Monday, 4 September 2017


Last week we spent the beautiful week on PEI in a cottage near Morell. We keep returning to the same beach because it's a perfect sandy beach with amazing sunsets. Plus it's close to the Confederation trail which makes it great for cycling to St. Peters. We spent the week biking, kayaking, and swimming.

I hit my 500km summer cycling goal during the week! Woohoo!

Since getting home on Saturday, I've spent the last two days relaxing and sitting in silence after the intense family week.

Sunset over the water.
Off we go down the trail!
Playing in the waves.
Cycling selfie at Brackley Beach (Isaiah always yells at me when I have my phone out while cycling along).

Greenwich National Park!
Kayak in the calm ocean.
Our one and only bonfire.
Family kayak trip down the Morell River.
Goodbye PEI!

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Cooking: Spiced Kale Shaksuka

I thought I would share this recipe I tried last week. I randomly flipped through the Impatient Foodie cookbook by Elettra Wiedemann when it came into the library and the recipe caught my eye. I made it during one of the cooler rainy days when I actually wanted to be cooking instead of just throwing stuff on the bbq. The author also apparently has a blog that I had never heard of but looks like it has some interesting ideas for vegetarian meals.

The recipe is for Spiced Kale Shaksuka. It's a great way to use up any greens and/or tomatoes you have around.
The cookbook. No other recipe really grabbed my attention so back to the library it goes.
What it's suppose to look like.
Ingredient list. I used beet greens instead of kale because that's what we had. I didn't chop them up super small and Isaiah complained that it wasn't very scoopable with the long stems. So next time, maybe I should actually follow the recipe. I cut the recipe down a bit and used 4 eggs because 6 seemed like way too many for 2 people and poached eggs do not make good leftovers. The recipe says it serves 6 and uses 6 eggs so I guess we eat more than we should.
1) Not browning garlic is very hard. 2) It took longer than 4 min for my eggs to poach in their little wells. Maybe they weren't deep enough? It took about 6 min and I peaked many times after the first 4 minutes. It did not ruin anything. 3) I cooked everything in a mid-size pot because I thought it wasn't enough food for a 12-inch skillet when I cut it by 1/3. It probably would've been fine in the skillet but the pot worked great too.
Served with hamburger-type buns. Great recipe for when you're craving eggs but want more than eggs and toast.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Pictures of Mt. Carleton

We survived the wilderness of New Brunswick! We spent 4 days at Mt. Carleton (3 nights) and hiked everything. Well, all of the peaks at least which felt like everything. We got pretty wet on Sunday and again Tuesday night but it was worth it. The views at the top were amazing, and the stars there at night are unbelievable. It's considered a "dark sky area" and you really notice the difference when looking at the stars. Totally worth the long drive. I tried to take pictures of the stars but all I got was a black screen. This weekend has been a much needed relaxing-stay-at-home few days.

Lake Sunday evening
Isaiah out for a paddle. When I went out, it downpoured.
Up the trail to Mt. Sagamook.
Made it! Quick lunch then onward to the next peak!
Top of Mt. Head!
Woohoo, but we must go onward!

NB can be so pretty.
Rewarding sunset that night.

Burning things.
Top of Mt. Bailey the next day while Mom and Dad went for a kayak.
Super fun rock cliff on the way down.
And a blueberry snack.
A trail marker being eaten by a tree.
Burning all the wood on the last night!