Thursday, 30 July 2015

Back on magnesium for me.

My PFT's are fine! They were back up today vs two weeks ago and pretty much where they were four weeks ago. I'm officially saying that my shortness of breath while exercising on Monday/Tuesday was due to humidity and that humidity sucks. There was a massive thunderstorm Tuesday night which cleared everything off and I feel better overall. Mom and I went for a long kayak yesterday morning and my only issue is that my shoulders burned.

I was informed by my coordinator today mentioning that my magnesium level is low and that since I already take magnesium, I need to up my dosage. She couldn't figure out why it was low seeing as I'm on magnesium and it's something that we need to monitor.

Soo....I had to return her message with a very sheepish call saying that it's perhaps maybe low because I'm really bad at taking it. It's a lunch/supper pill and I forget it all the time. Plus it sometimes gives me a stomach ache so I have a bit of a bonus incentive to forget. Apparently it does matter.  I have been trying to eat foods with high magnesium but clearly that isn't working. Oops.

I was pretty embarrassed leaving the message, I felt like I had been caught being a bad patient. I guess I'm back to taking magnesium. It's one of the few pills that I'm slack on. I'm super paranoid about missing a dose of my anti-rejection meds but when it comes to supplements, I tend to be a lot less careful. Apparently I can't get away with anything when my blood levels are being monitored so closely.

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