Tuesday, 18 August 2015


I'm back from a few days camping in Amherst Shore. Amy and I joined Mom and Dad for a night that turned into two nights. It was a fun time of sun and sand, I'm trying to get sunscreen and sand out of everything right now.

Since being back on aerosols, I'm reminded how annoying it is to travel with machines and masks. We were camping in a place with no electricity so Amy and I hauled an extension cord with us and sat in front of the washroom to do our aerosol masks. The small portable battery-operated machines that we had have all but died on both of us. They had a very good run but now only work while plugged in and even then, make scary noises. It is easier to just do a mask and not have to worry about chest percussion (well, Amy still has to to do them) which aren't as easy on an air mattress than home.

I had one man ask me what I was doing and why to which I gave the basic response of "it's an aerosol mask for my lungs." I didn't really think he had enough time for me to share my entire story with him. I was actually kind of surprised to get that question as I figured that most people have known of someone with asthma or breathing problems who have needed aerosol masks at some point. It's not uncommon anymore.

My cough is improving a bit, I'm not positive that sitting by campfires helped but I was not passing up any chance for s'mores. I now just have coughing fits every once in awhile instead of a steady dry cough. My family likes to comment on how different my cough is now compared to with my old lungs. It's much more asthmatic and less of a 'scary smoker' cough. Halfway done my masks! I'll be very happy to once again get rid of them.

Amherst Shore has giant hermit crabs.
Mask time beside the bathroom!

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