Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Apartment hunt is over!

We found an apartment!!! Yay!! Or rather, my amazing cousin found us the apartment! He spent last Friday wandering all over Toronto to looking apartments for us from our 'best of' list that we formulated. After getting his feedback and opinion, I contacted the landlords from his top 3 choices that night and this one was the quickest to respond. The landlord sent me an application on Sat and today told me he was willing to rent me the apartment! I am just waiting for him to email me the lease so I can sign it and send it back to make everything is nice and official before I completely relax and feel comfortable deleting all the other apartment information.

The apartment is at 219 Fort York Blvd. It is 1700$/month (Welcome to the big city!) but thankfully the NS government will subsidize up to 1500$/month so it isn't as unaffordable as it sounds. It is furnished which is excellent so we don't need to move our forks and plates although I'm sure Isaiah will still want to take a lot of our kitchen appliances. Electricity is included and there is central air which means I will never go outside when it is humid. There is also a small balcony where I will probably try to grow a tomato or maybe just put a chair and sit and watch the traffic.

Parking is not included but can be purchased through other people in the building. The landlord said we could rent his spot for the first few weeks until we arrange something else. Parking spots can range from 100$-170$/month. If we find we aren't using the car, I'm sure we can park it at one of our many relatives outside of the city. There are also storage lockers for rent from people in the building which would be another 50$/month. Hopefully we won't have that much stuff that we need to rent more space.

The building has a great fitness facility, a pool, two hot tubs, and an outdoor space with two bbqs.  It is about 10 minute walk to groceries which isn't too bad (Isaiah can handle that).

All in all, it is a huge relief to have found a place and not have to worry about where we are going to live. Thank you cuz for all your hard work!!! You'll have to come and try out the hot tub some Sat night!

If you want a visual of the apartment, outdoor space, and fitness room, here are the videos that he made.
Outdoor space
Fitness facility

Meanwhile, I am relaxing in PEI with my brother for a few days.

Proof that it stopped raining!

*Edit note: Apparently I had the 'Apartment' link to the wrong video, it has been fixed so you can now see my soon-to-be new home! 


Melanie Pitman said...

Yayyyy! Congrats! It sounds incredible!

Amy Watson said...

Hurray Cousin taking videos and going to them all!! I"m excited for the hot tub in Jan when I come visit!

Amy Watson said...

And I just mean it's nice to have a hot tub in Jan, I have no idea when Im coming...lol!

Scott said...

We visited Fort York a couple weeks before we were at your place some years ago. I think I got a "been there" moment as the video turned round on the balcony, but it was whiter when we saw it in December.

Susan Scott said...

It sounds like an incredible apartment. Congrats on finding a great one at a very affordable price! Needless to say, it looks like the kind of place you’ll love to stay for a long time. Have a great day!

Susan Scott @ Ballarat Apartments