Saturday, 1 March 2014

Happy March!

Happy March!

This means it's spring right? Right!?! It's going to warm up now? I know everyone is complaining about how they are ready for winter to be over and I concur whole-heartedly! (Everyone except my mother who will happily ski until the last snow pile has melted)

Bring on temperatures higher than 0 degrees! A few day ago, I read that this winter has been the coldest in Toronto in 15 years but today I read it was the coldest Toronto winter in 20 years. Does this mean that the bitter cold of the past few days bumped it from 15 to 20 years or that the reporters are just making stuff up at this point? Either way, it has been way colder than I expected a Toronto winter to be and I am ready for some weather that will not make my lungs to seize up and cause long coughing fits.

So yay for spring! I declare that winter is over!

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