Monday, 10 March 2014

Response from the TTC

I got a response from the TTC! And it isn't exactly a form-letter response which is fantastic.


Dear Ms. Watson:

This is to thank you and acknowledge receipt of your correspondence dated February 26th,2014 regarding the incident with one of our operators on the 509 Harbourfront route on the same day.

I fully appreciate your feelings and can understand the frustration and apprehension that can be caused when situations such as the one you experience occur.  In light of your concerns, I have forwarded a report to the Divisional Management and requested that the details of the Support Person Assistance Program be communicated to the operators.

The TTC is committed to improving our customer’s experience, service reliability, customer communication and customer service. As such we value our customer’s feedback and hope to move in a direction of improvement.

We apologize for any inconvenience or anxiety that may have been caused and thank you for allowing me the opportunity to respond.

Rishu Chadha        
Senior Customer Service Representative


I feel like that is about all I can expect from the TTC and hopefully things will go more smoothly in the future. I got the physiotherapist to fill out the paperwork on Friday (they had never heard of the program but were very excited to tell people about it).

After physio today, I took the subway out to the suburbs of Toronto (everywhere outside of the downtown core is 'suburbs of Toronto' to me) to drop off my form to the customer service office. I was told to expect it to take 5-6 weeks to get processed but that it should also be done before March 30th so it will be anyone's guess as to how long it will actually take.

I asked the woman at the office if the bus drivers were getting any information about the support person program. She responded that everyone should have gone to education sessions about the program but they have gotten complaints about the drivers not knowing about the program (I guess I'm not the only one) so they will be sending out more information. She said it should get better once everyone has a card and for the interim she printed off the information from their website for me to show the drivers so I'm all set for the next time Isaiah goes to physio with me!

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