Wednesday, 5 March 2014

6-min walk test is complete!

I finally did my walk test today! (Urg!!!) The first time I did the test about a year ago, I thought 'oh this is kind of fun, I get to push myself and see how fast I can really walk'. Now all the fun is gone and I no longer care about seeing how fast I can walk in 6 minutes. They have it set up in a fairly busy hallway too so it's like an obstacle course where you have to weave between all the nurses and doctors strolling down the hall while trying not to run over their toes with the oxygen cart. It is not as fun as it sounds. I feel like I lose significant time turning around at each end of the hallway but I can't imagine that I am alone in having that problem.

The one good thing about finally having the test done is that it means it is over for another three months. The results were fine, my oxygen levels still drop off faster then I would like but my distance was still about the same so at least my legs aren't losing strength. I was about to say that I'm not losing endurance but I don't think that a 6-min walk test is a good reflection of endurance. Basically, everything was about the same but slightly worse than three months ago. The physiotherapist didn't seem overly concerned about it so nothing is going to change in my program.

I was late getting to physio as I forgot my sneakers and had to drive back to get them (thankfully it happened on the one day I drove up to physio). Because I was so late and then they finally decided I would do my walk test, I ran out of time for the treadmill. I was obviously heartbroken about this. To make up for it, we spent the evening walking around the art gallery. I'm sure it is about the same thing.

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