Sunday, 16 March 2014

Don't die on me pager!

On Friday I was switching all my stuff from my backpack to my cart for physio when I noticed that the pager was dead. GAHHH!! It shouldn't be allowed to just die with no warning!! Who designed these things? Shouldn't it give a loud warning beep right before it dies or something?

I will admit, I have been pretty slack in my 'testing the pager every week' like the transplant manual suggested. As the pager lives at the bottom of my wheelie cart or backpack, I only really look at it a couple times a week when I am switching all of my stuff between bags or to my purse. I think since it's the third method of contacting me, I didn't worry about it since I figure I'll have my phone on me when the hospital calls that first. However, I did not anticipate the pager dying (although I'm not sure why I assumed the battery would live forever) so I seriously have to start checking it more often. I bought new batteries so I'm once again back in business!

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