Sunday, 7 December 2014

Yummy popsicle!!

Greetings Alley blog followers!

Yesterday, Alley had a tired out day. She started some heavy duty antirejection meds Friday night so they made her pretty shaky and tired. She was able to get up in the chair for a couple hours and than sent us all away so she could have a nap.

Today, she had more energy and felt better. She was able to go for a walk for about 25 meters ( with lots of help, of course) and the physiotherpist told her it was her best walk yet because she was breathing better. She told us today ( via pencil and paper, as she can't talk with her trach) that she could feel the bottom of her lungs for the first time. It was pretty exciting. She was also up in the chair for 5 hours today. The other exciting thing was that she was able to come off the ventolator for 3.5 hours today, just with an oxygen mask to give her oxygen. She did really well with this today.

The doctor also allowed her to have a popsicle today! Unfortunaly, it was banana, her least favorite ever, but she said that it never tasted so good.


Sue said...

so good to hear.. thanks for the update Amy. One step at a time...and banana popsicles!

Dave VanSlyke said...

I can only imagine how difficult this whole process must be for Alley and all her family - wishing Alley and all of you the strength and determination to see it through to recovery and the "new normal." Small steps forward come in many shapes and sizes - even banana popsicles.

Heather McGrath said...

Yay! Sounds like a great day! You'd better stock up on her most favourite Popsicles!

Heather McGrath said...

By the way, Amy, you're doing a terrific job blogging!! I'm sure Alley will be pleased you've continued for her.

Cynthia said...

Hi Amy,

What a great feeling it must be for Alley to say she felt the bottom of her lungs for the first time, great news, sounds like this was her best day yet and hopfully it will just keep getting better each day.

Thanks for keeping us upto date on her progress, you are strong and I am sure a great support to your sister.

Thinking and praying for all of you.
Have a great day.

christina mccully said...

I am glad she is making progress, we are all thinking of her daily at our house. Keep up the great work Alley