Thursday, 6 March 2014

The Watson family continues the search for Jian.

I think I forgot to mention but my parents are here for NB March break! Yay! Isaiah's family was here for a quick visit on the weekend so there has been no shortage of family around. Today we went to see the final debate of Canada Reads! Everyone seemed okay with me dragging them to the CBC building this morning even though no one else had read any of the books (I'm still finishing up The Orenda) or have been following the debates this week. It was a fantastic way to spend a morning and I totally fangirled over Stephen Lewis and Jian.
After the show, we explored more of the CBC building and then went for lunch to have some delicious sushi. Mmmmm.

Stephen Lewis! (Me screaming in the back row!). Jian is hiding behind the camera.
There he is! The lighting was not conducive for audience members taking pictures.
Dad tried to get HNIC to hire him to talk about hockey when they can no longer afford Don Cherry.
Mom was more interested in finding the tickle trunk!
And looking for Rusty and Jerome. They were not home.
Neither were Casey and Finnegan.
No one is home! Maybe they will let me live in the tree. (I actually took this picture two weeks ago when we were at the CBC building for the Canada-US gold medal hockey game).

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