Thursday, 27 March 2014

Giant fish painting

My 'Art Mondays' seem to be going by the wayside for the past few weeks as my physio time has been switched from 1030am to 1pm. Instead of doing arty things, I end up just sleeping in and by the time I get home from physio I seem to find other non-art things to do. So, art Tuesday or Thursday is becoming a thing instead.

On Tuesday,  I returned to the Chinese brush painting determined to try something a bit more detailed than a tiger or rabbit. I opted for the 'bird on a branch' picture and it went okay at first until it said to use thinner paint, meaning more water. Something between the way I was painting and the paper provided made everything looked blotchy and wasn't blending together. The leaves looked a very sickly and the bird had a crazy eye thing happening (I did not take a picture as I did not want to remember the experience). In the end, I got super frustrated and gave up. I will try it again on different paper.

After that, I painted a giant fish and it made me feel better.

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