Sunday, 9 March 2014

A newfound love of apple fritters.

The last few days have been simply gorgeous. It is finally nice enough to be able to breath outside without coughing. Or to enjoy just standing in the sun. Spring is here!

On Friday, Mom and I returned to the pottery drop-in class to paint the bowls that Amy and I made a few weeks ago. Mine was a lot smaller than the one I remembered making. Probably the excitement of 'actually making something that didn't immediately fall apart' inflated how big I remembered it to be. We spent the two hours painting the bowls and I can pick them up in a week after they go through the kiln for a second time.
My bowl!
Amy's bowl!
I went with Raspberry and Pea Green colours. They will look very different post-kiln.
Mom opted for Fire-truck Engine Red, Lemon Yellow, and Lime Green stripes. The colours will be much more vibrant after the kiln.

Saturday, we went for a drive to St. Jacob's. It was a fantastic day for walking around the market. They had a horrible fire last year but everything is still going strong. They put up a giant dome-like building which was full of vendors and super busy. I have no idea what it was like before the fire but it looked like everyone was doing well. The day filled my longing for a market experience for a little awhile. There is only so much pushing through crowds and stalking out limited seating one can take in a day. If it was that busy in March, I can't imagine how crazy it is in the summer. Although, it probably didn't help that we went on the nicest day all winter which also happened to be the Saturday of March Break. The highlight of the day was definitely the apple fritters. Freshly cut apples, battered, deep-fried, and rolled in cinnamon and sugar. Mmmmm. I may have to go every week for some. I wonder if they deliver.

Fresh Samosas. Mmmm.  
Can't beat deep-fried apple slices and sugar. I barely had time to take the picture before they were gone.
My new favourite company.


Amy Watson said...

I want to reach through the screen and eat them!

Faith said...

Yeah... those fritters are REALLY, REALLY GOOD. *drool*