Friday, 28 February 2014

No 6-min walk test for me!

For everyone who is wondering about how the dreaded 6-min walk test went on Wednesday, the answer is that it got pushed to Friday! And today it got pushed to Monday! The physiotherapist on Wednesday had thought that today's physio time would be slower and therefore easier for them to take the time for it. But then today someone else with higher priority than me showed up requiring a walk test before they could be discharged and a few new people were there so the one physiotherapist there today was too busy. I think they are missing the physio student who was there for all of Nov-Dec.

I did bond with another pre-transplant person when she commented that I probably wasn't too heartbroken that there wasn't time for me to do it today. Obviously there is a common dislike for having to push yourself as hard as possible for 6-minutes while being told that your oxygen levels suck.

So, something to look forward to on Monday! I'm not sure if this is something to be pleased about or not. On one hand, I am happy as it means I didn't have to do it and I get a bit more recovery time for my headcold (which I'm pretty much over. Only snotting now when I go out in the bitter cold and I'm pretty sure that would be happening without a headcold) . On the other hand, it means it gives me something to wonder about all weekend. My secret plan is to have it keep being pushed back until I get my transplant and then post-transplant, I'll feel so awesome that walking 6-minutes as fast as possible will be a breeze.

I think it is a stellar plan. 

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