Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Doctor appointments.

It seems that the weather is not cooperating with my declaration of it finally being spring as it is still freezing cold out. Maybe next week will be a bit better.

I had a doctor appointment at the CF clinic today. It was not very exciting. They took some blood and I agreed to be part of a study looking at diabetes, CF, and exercise. They claim that I gained 2 kg in the past month but I think they are wrong.  There is no way I gained that much weight in one month. I think it was different because they used a different scale than they have for my past visits. I also think it is wrong because I according to our bathroom scale, I have not gained 2 kg. I told them not to be too disappointed when next month I lose about 2kg but they didn't listen to me!

I also had a resident doctor who knew nothing about CF or the transplant process. I understand that people need to learn but can they do it with the other patients? His top three ridiculous questions of the day were: "Did I know when to expect the transplant?" "Was I working?" and "Is there a CF clinic in the Maritimes?" I understand he is just learning but surely the other patients in the morning would have given him some idea of how the transplant process works? Or maybe he should have read about it before attending a CF clinic? Or maybe he should have looked at my chart for 10 seconds before asking me all the silly questions. Most of my frustration was because it was 2pm and I had been there since 11am and I really just wanted to talk to the doctor and go get some lunch.

It was all good news though! Well, 'good' might be a stretch, it was all the same expected news. It seems that my head cold was just a head cold as I had thought as my lung function remains steady with fev's around 0.79 or 24% (still not very awesome). So I basically have to just keep doing what I'm doing and I see them again next month.

I did learn that a random side effect of the transplant medication is that Vit A and E absorption tends to increase so peoples' levels super increase for an unknown reason. One less pill I will have to take! Ignoring all the anti-rejection meds I'll be on, of course.

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David VanSlyke said...

I guess that the doctor who interviewed you has an opportunity to learn more than just study outcomes.....I get similarly frustrated with semi-automated business services that make you push 4, enter 2, press 3, enter your account number, etc. and then when you finally get a warm form, the first thing they ask is the first number you "pressed" when you started the whole process! What?