Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Physio today.

They got a new piece of art in physio! It thankfully doesn't have any silly inspirational quotes and is just a nice picture of a lake. I meant to take a picture of it but clearly forgot after I was done everything. It's kind of sad what small things can make physio a bit more interesting these days.

Another thing that made physio go by quickly today was the fact that I'm totally addicted to this new game on my phone. It's called '2048' and it makes walking on the treadmill much less boring. The point is to match the numbers together to make a 2048 block which sounds easy but it's not. It's addicting because it's just a basic game that doesn't try to sell me anything or have any levels to unlock. More games should be like this. 

Anyone have any other game suggestions that would be good for playing while exercising?

Why can't I stop playing? Haha.

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