Thursday, 21 November 2013

Mental Health...?

One thing that I have found surprising about the pre-transplant program is the lack of discussion around mental health. When I had my pre-listed appointment in July with the social worker, she talked so much about the psychologists that I thought I would have seen one by this point in the process.

Not that I feel like I need to see a psychologist right now but I think it would be nice to be checked on once in awhile. I'm sure I could make an appointment with the social worker who would refer me on if she felt it was necessary.  I just thought there would be a lot more (as in some) discussion about how to stay sane while on the transplant list.

Maybe in the support groups, they discuss the importance of mental health but since I can't go to those, I don't really know. I know that on Wednesday they talked about palliative care as the physiotherapist was encouraging everyone to go to the talk. I was told that I can get drugs from the palliative care doctor if I need anything for sleeping and that often the non-CF patients get morphine from them to help control their cough (People with CF are not suppose to suppress their cough as coughing helps get up all the crap in the lungs). I'm sure the palliative care doctors would mention mental health, especially for caregivers, as it is so important in avoiding caregiver burnout.

I feel like with everyone waiting on the list, besides trying to be in the best possible health, mental health should also be a top priority as the wait is a lot harder on the head than anything else. Surely we have all gotten past any stigma surrounding mental healthy, so why isn't anyone talking about it? Where are the discussions?

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Susan Pitman said...

Allie you are so right about this point! I would think the mental health would be a top priority - more even than physical in some ways! Ok equally important! but still - check it out with the social worker - it's not that you "need" to see someone but you do "need" to have good mental health and stress does it to all of us! and supporters need it too! go for it - you deserve the best!