Saturday, 23 November 2013

Friday Night Live!

Before my Friday experiences gets you too down (see previous 2 posts), I did have an enjoyable Friday night at the ROM for their Friday Night Live. We went to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibit which opened that night and I now want all of the pictures on my wall. They also had 3D printing where I printed out a fortress I 'designed' from an Ipad (I really just clicked on the options I was not very elaborate). We also stayed for the band 'The wilderness of Manitoba' who were exactly what I needed at the end of a weird day.

I also ate a cricket.

Hello Mr. Toad.
My 3D creation
Cricket snack! Also, chocolate, craisins and pumpkin seeds. Fun fact: You should not eat crickets if you have a shellfish allergy (or you shouldn't eat shellfish if you have a cricket allergy)
Yes I did.


Anonymous said...

Glad you had such a great night after a bad day. Even on bad days remember we are all wrapping you with our love!

Amy Watson said...

You are now ready for fear factor!!

Alley said...

Yes I am, provided they cover everything with a lot of chocolate!! Is that show even on anymore? Haha.