Saturday, 23 November 2013

Friday's physio time was not the best.

I can't talk about the other people who are at the lung-transplant gym with me for confidentiality reasons so I will try to do this with as little detail as possible:

On Friday at physio, there was a person there who had a transplant several months ago and was returning for what may have been the first time since surgery. They were so small and had no energy when doing the exercises that it has absolutely terrified me that that is how I am going to be post-transplant. Mostly everyone else who is post-transplant at physio seems to be doing really well and never stop talking about how amazing they feel and how much their lives have improved. Yesterday, one person even tried running for the first time post-surgery and exclaimed how much harder it was than they thought it would be while maintaining how awesome it is to be able to run.

That I can handle because I can see myself post-surgery also trying to run while my body freaks out because it hasn't had that much exertion in years. However, seeing someone struggle to lift tiny weights while commenting that pre-surgery they were lifting significantly heavier weights, bummed me out even more than the 6-min walk test. I just keep thinking that could be me in a few months and I really really don't want that to happen.

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