Monday, 4 November 2013

Good bye Joey

My sister had to put down her dog today. He was very old and lived a very happy life with her and the family but he will still be missed. I dog-sat him in March when she was on vacation and enjoyed taking him on small walks and cuddling with him while watching TV. I also made some art with him which was a mild disaster but amusing for us all, I'm sure he was especially impressed when I showered him off.  (You can read more about it here)

Even though he was old, he still greeted us at the door with a wag of the tail and a little run in circles.He loved going on hikes and was always determined that he was going to keep up with the other dogs. and when he was younger, loved following the horses through the fields whenever we went horseback riding. He would find the best spot to sleep in front of the fire at my parents and every Christmas he would get buried in wrapping paper as he refused to leave his spot.  Until he got his pig ear, then he would disappear behind a chair and growl to himself until it was gone. He was also a bed hog and would worm his way up to the pillow through the night subsequently kicking your face until you gave him more space. He may have been my sister's dog but we all loved him as our own.

We will miss you Joey.

Joey putting up with my nonsense.


Amy Watson said...

well said! best dog headband ever...

Anonymous said...

I remember when we took him to Fundy to do the Moosehorn/Laverty falls hike (3 hours) he struggled so hard to make it up and over all those boulders independently. I will always think of him on that trail! D