Friday, 29 November 2013

Winter sucks.

The change in the weather has made me realize that I definitely need to be here for a new set of lungs. Cold weather does not work well with my horrible lungs.

No matter how much I bundle up, every time I breathe in the cold, dry winter air, it is like being punched in the chest every time I step outside. Mind you, not every single day but on those brisk days where it is well below freezing (thankfully, being Nov, we have only had a few of those so far). If there is strong wind in my face, it gets even worse as I am always gasping for breath and have to try to resist the temptation to walk backwards the entire way to help me catch my breath. I have taken to getting off the bus a stop later so I can make the walk to the condo with the wind at my back so I can breathe a bit easier.

However, when I do get to my warm destination, my lungs start relaxing just in time to start coughing as the sudden temperature change causes the asthmatic part of my lungs to freak out and I have a minor coughing fit (much to the disapproval of everyone else on the bus).  I really need a regulated heat-bubble for traveling.

I find my increased intolerance to cold weather super frustrating because I use to really like winter and winter activities. I mean back when I didn't feel like my lungs were stopping every time I walked outside. I want to be able to go skiing and skating and build snowmen! Last year, I did manage to get out skiing on a few warm winter days but I have my doubts on that happening this year (also probably because any decent ski hill is outside of my '2 1/2 hour limit'). It's no fun to be stuck inside all the time when there is fresh snow wanting to be played in.

The point is that I really should be moving somewhere with less of a flux in the weather. Somewhere like Hawaii. I should see if the government will subsidize my medical care if I move there. I did get a massage today which helped relieved some of the cold-related tension that has started to build in my neck and shoulders. I think massages, the hot tub downstairs, and never leaving the apartment is going to be my only way to survive this winter until I get my transplant.
Our first snow of the year!


Anonymous said...

Maybe on those bad days you should treat yourself to a cab!

Alley said...

Yes, or go from one parking garage to the next.