Sunday, 17 November 2013


The Christmas Parade happened today! Anddd I totally stayed home and did laundry instead. It was suppose to rain and standing out in the rain for hours in a crowd sounded like a recipe for pneumonia to me. I gave strict instructions to Isaiah to bring me back some candy from the parade as decided to go anyway. He reports that it was a typical parade with marching bands and floats. However, there was no candy involved which is shocking. Even Springhill had candy! Boo Toronto parades! Who cares about fancy floats if you don't make children (and others...) run at you for some crushed candy canes. Springhill 1, Toronto 0.

Turns out I totally could have gone as it didn't rain and ended up being pretty warm outside. Meh. I am content with the fact that I created this delicious gingerbread latte.

I cannot make fancy designs in the foam.

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