Tuesday, 12 November 2013


My parents were here this past weekend as dad had a volunteer conference and mom wanted to visit. We had a busy weekend doing touristy things around Toronto while they compared everything to how it was when they lived here in the 70s. I carted my oxygen all around the ROM and the zoo which meant my shoulders were sore on Sunday but it was worth it for the pandas. It was great to see some family. It feels like I've been here longer than a month and half sometimes.
Panda!! They really are adorable. The other one was sleeping in a corner.
This sloth was adorable, it was motoring around (as much as sloths can) trying to escape the little monkeys that kept jumping on it.
Not at the zoo but at the old Maple Leaf Gardens for the annual 'Hockey Hall of Fame old timer's' game.
I have no idea which team won.

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Anonymous said...

Good picture of the sloth! Was a great fast trip. D