Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Hello NB!

We made it to NB! And I don't think we've stopped much since. We picked some strawberries today, drove out to Alma for some fried clams (sooo good!!), visited my grandfather at the Moncton hospital (he's doing okay), visited Isaiah's family, and hauled all of our stuff out of random closets and from the garage.

We're off to Springhill tomorrow so I hope everyone has a wonderful extra second today and Happy Canada Day! Hopefully Eastlink will indeed show up on Thursday and install our Internet.

Driving along Quebec.
This place always makes me laugh.
Driving some more in Quebec. Bored yet?
Yay NB!!!
We all have old school boats apparently!
St. John river in the rain.

Yayyyy hometown!!!


helen soucoup said...

Welcome home! It must feel wonderful. Hope you settled back into the Humdrum easily and health-ly...

Dave VanSlyke said...

What a journey you have had over the last year or so. We are so pleased that you are home and healthy - must feel like a warm hug.

christina mccully said...

So glad to hear you are home. Enjoy Christina