Monday, 22 June 2015

Weekend outings.

The last few days have been busy but fun, we've managed to do a few more things on my "Toronto to-do list."

Thursday, we went to the ROM and checked out their new dinosaur and the Pompeii exhibit.  Spoiler: Everyone dies. They had quite a few artifacts from Pompeii and some of the casts that were made from the bodies that have been found during the excavation. There were glass bowls that survived but more interestingly (to me), were the glass vases that melted during the ash-rainfall-that-killed-all (I'm being told it's actually called the pyroclastic flow...thanks geologist).

Friday, we finally made is kayaking on the Islands! The boat house was finally open. We rented a doubles kayak instead of each getting our own and we spent more time than I want to admit getting in sync so our paddles would stop hitting each other.  We made it to a few lagoon type places and checked out the dragon boats and went through their course (the races happened this weekend). By the end of the hour, our arms were aching and we both had blisters. We spent the rest of the day finding some geocaches, looking at the animals, and getting lost with the children in the maze.

Saturday, we had a picnic and small hike with my family. It was adjacent to the Bruce trail so I'm counting it as hiking part of the Bruce trail. My knee managed to hold up until the drive home. Two exciting things about that 1) my knee continues to get better and 2) I drove! My first time driving since the transplant. It's been over 7 months and it felt so good to be behind the wheel again. I gleefully yelled at all the other drivers on the road.

Sunday, we had a games day with various family members. We also went to an Escape Room which are all the rage now. It was quite fun and we were one clue away from escaping before the time ran out and we were sucked back into time and space forever. Or something like that...

Today, we tackled some of the packing. I have another box of meds to take back to the pharmacy (I've already taken two boxes) and threw out a bunch of supplies that I no longer need, like the vac dressing foam. It feels really good to get rid of all this stuff. We did keep all the gauze and tape though so are prepared if anyone has a serious accident while visiting.

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Dave VanSlyke said...

Busy Busy Busy I hope Springhill has as much allure....