Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Toronto Reference Library.

We're down to two weeks left in Toronto. Ahh! I checked off another thing on my "things to see/do in Toronto" checklist. After bloodwork this morning, I walked to the Toronto Reference Library to check out their giant collection of Arthur Conan Doyle books. Apparently it's one of the world's best library collections on the life and work of ACD as well as other fictional and reference books about Sherlock Holmes. I'm told that Arthur Conan Doyle fans from around the world visit for tours and lectures.

It seems random to me that it's in Toronto and not somewhere in England but it's pretty cool. I read a Sherlock Holmes book (not written by ACD) during my cycling trip that I've always regretted not keeping (although at the time I didn't want to haul a finished book around), and now I can't remember the name or author of that book. All I know is that it was a small green paperback and was a story of the meeting of Watson and Freud and it was super witty. I thought maybe I could find it in the collection but I did not although I'm sure it was there. Turns out there are a lot of green paperback books about Sherlock Holmes.

The last thing on my list (well, last practical thing, I don't think we'll be hiking the Bruce trail in the next two weeks) will be kayaking around the Toronto Islands. I have it scheduled in for Friday, hopefully the weather holds!

Part of the room of books. It was so inviting.

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Amy Watson said...

Wow it looks amazing! You could spend days there!