Friday, 12 June 2015

Lung function woes

I'm on a train to Ottawa for the weekend! It's been awhile since I've been on a actual train (not counting the GO train). I'm officially over my digestive issues and am back to eating whatever I want. Hurray!

Other than that piece of good news, it's been a long week. My pfts have been down at home which worried me so I called my coordinator and arranged pft tests for yesterday. Turns out it was not the fault of my microspirometer but that my lung function has dropped 14% since two weeks ago. Ahhhh.

According to the rules, if it drops more than 10%, the respirologist calls the coordinator and often sends the person up to clinic. My coordinator called me immediately and decided that since I don't have any other symptoms of infection, it would be best to wait until Mondays clinic.

While this means I still get to go to Ottawa this weekend, it does mean that I get to spend the weekend worrying that I have a raging infection or rejection or something.

The second bad news this week is that my exercise regime has ground to a halt due to intense pain in my knee. Well, it's more like a constant throbbing. I've been icing and elevating it as much as possible and have been avoiding all leg exercises at the gym. I'm not confident that I've been resting as much as possible but I've been trying! It's hard when I have energy and want to keep doing stuff.

So, fingers crossed that my weekend rocks and my lung function improves!

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Dave VanSlyke said...

Fingers crossed