Monday, 15 June 2015

Back from Ottawa.

I made it back from Ottawa, I had a fantastic time and ate a lot of candy. The train trip was as exciting on the return trip as it was on the way there. That means it was not exciting in any way.

After returning to Toronto, I immediately went up for my clinic appointment. The train was about 10 minutes late so I was about 10 min late, at least I had gotten my x-ray done on Friday so I wasn't even later. Of course, it didn't really matter as I was still waiting for hours.

The doctor is mildly concerned about the drop in my lung function but not enough to want to do anything today. He said to get it re-tested at the end of the week and then if it's still low they'll investigate further.

I have a bit of a cough and occasional runny nose so he gave me a steroid nose spray for me to use as maybe that will stop some of my nasal dripping and therefore the coughing.

My home numbers have come up a bit this weekend so I'm really hoping it was just a last-week issue that will clear itself up without antibiotics. We found an apartment in Springhill for July so it would be super irritating to be delayed now.

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