Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Artwork to leave behind.

I was gifted a watercolour pencil book awhile I was in the hospital and have been going through it to learn a bit on how to use the pencils to do more than Christmas cards and abstract drawings.

While packing this week, I threw out my practice sketches but took some pictures so I can remember them.

One of the lessons was grass and bark with a practice deer eye
When I was tired of practicing from the book, I drew a giant chicken because it's fun.
Trees are also a good thing to pratice.
Also, not related to the water colour book, I have been working my own version of the 'shed party' by Adam Young (his work is amazingly colourful and playful). I haven't had time to finish it and am not going to move it home but will probably try another version once we're back in Springhill. 

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