Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Last blood work.

My last Toronto blood work was taken this morning, with the shortest wait yet of 10 minutes. Afterward, I had my last meeting with my transplant coordinator who gave me more requisition forms and paperwork to get everything set up in NS. All the paperwork and people to call induced a small moment of panic of how much hassle it's going to be. But then I considered that it's better than hanging out here and since I can't do anything about it right now, I'll at least try to hold off the stress until we hit the border.

We also had our last Toronto pool swim today at my cousins. It was fantastic and a great way to procrastinate from packing. I tried to be super careful about applying tons of sunscreen but I still managed to get a little red. Stupid medication. I may have to soon invest in some flowy peasant tops and harem pants to stay cool while out in the sun to avoid getting burned this summer.

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