Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Cooking: Lettuce taco wraps with lentils.

Just two weeks left so we're trying to eat through all our food so we have less to move. We've been buying less over the past month or so but this week, we're getting more serious about strategic cooking. I foresee a lot of meat and pasta dishes in our future with random veggies thrown in.

I have been trying to use up a lot of the beans and lentils so we don't have to move them, plus they're good for digestion. I got hooked on the Oh She Glows website which has great bean recipes. Her recipes are all vegan and a lot are gluten free (neither of which is a concern for me), so I substituted the 'flax seed thickener mix' with a egg and 'almond flour' with wheat flour for one recipe.

She had some great ideas for green lentils (the red ones went into a yummy curry) so I made the Green Taco Wraps (click for recipe). They turned out fantastic, highly recommended. I used almonds instead of cashews and regular sour cream instead of cashew sour cream.

The 'meaty' filling. There's no kidding yourself, it doesn't taste like meat but it does have a great texture. Fried red peppers and onions in back.
Lettuce to make the 'shell' with chopped tomatoes and cheese (again, I'm not vegan).
Isaiah's taco. We topped them with salsa and guac as well as the sour cream. His is not quite as messy as mine.
I always fill my tacos too full. I had to get another piece of lettuce to make a super wrap.