Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The death of the circle fruit bowl.

Second to last pottery drop-in. Boo! Tonight I went prepared to glaze my circle bowl that I made last week, only to find that it had fallen apart into a pile of sad circles. Double boo! I was hoping it was going to be a cool looking bowl.

Clearly I didn't use enough of the 'glue' (actually just watered down clay), to stick them together or maybe not enough pressure? Either way, it was not a success.

Seeing as there is only one more week before we leave, I didn't really have time to make another one so I accepted my loses and took the pile to the back to see what I could save. Some of the circles were still stuck together and a few solo ones were cracked but I managed to salvage a few of them. 

I put on the eye mask, fired up the electric sander, and shaved down some of the edges. I had to do it in spurts though in an attempt to avoid breathing in the dust although I'm not sure how successful I was at that. I need the lung power for my pfts tomorrow. I'm no expert sander and their machine is not super top quality so it took awhile but I managed to smooth down some edges. At least I got rid of any sharp bits that might cut anyone.

Then I got to work glazing them different shades of red and green as I've decided they shall become Christmas tree decorations. The back will be a boring white but at least one side might look good. Or people can wear them as necklaces if they are really into the red and green necklace look. So many options!
My attempt at a fun fruit bowl.
Nope, not today!
Plan B.

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