Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Recovering from the weekend?

Isaiah and I spent a fantastic weekend at the Field Trip music fest listening to bands and trying to avoid getting a sunburn. We saw Sharon and Bram, Dan Mangan, Alabama Shakes, and a ton of other bands. I enjoyed all of them except for one punk-style angry band that I'm sure my 14 yr old angsty self would've enjoyed but I can longer get behind the whole "the world is against me, my life is miserable" shtick. We lasted about 10 minutes with that band before checking out the band at the second stage.

The best part about the festival is that it was at the fort across the street from us so I came home between sets to put on some warmer evening clothes and grab some non-overpriced food. The worst part was that I forgot how smoky outdoor festival things are. Even though it was a 'kid friendly' event, and there were children everywhere, so were the smokers. We ended up scouting out areas with kids to sit at as there was a less likely chance of people smoking. 

Aaand then yesterday, my body revolted. I don't know if I was overtired or ate too much with too few digestive enzymes but I spent the day yesterday on the couch trying to stop the feeling of someone stabbing me with a million knives in my digestive tract. I've had this happen before so it didn't cause me to panic but being in pain all night because my body doesn't want to digest food, is never an enjoyable experience.

It also didn't help that when I took Tylenol to try to help the pain, I immediately threw it up. My body really wasn't happy with me.

I'm feeling somewhat better now thankfully. I was scared to eat much all day so I stuck to oily food and fiber in hopes that would help. It seems to have helped, the waves of pain stabbing have been slowing down and it's now only an occasional thing so I think I'll be able to sleep tonight. It would be good for both me and Isaiah who has a job interview tomorrow and would prefer not to fall asleep during it.

To return to a happier note, here are some weekend pics:

Sharon and Bram! We all had a giant sing-a-long.
Me hanging out at the back for Alabama Shakes.
Dan Mangan singing at the kids stage. He also did a show at the 'adult' stage with his band, Blacksmith.
How we spent most of Sunday.

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