Friday, 30 January 2015

Another weekend in hospital

It looks like I'll be spending another weekend in the hospital. I asked the doctor this morning if I could go home today and the answer was 'no.' They want to monitor me a for a few more days on the anti-rejection medication before sending me off on my own.

My poor arms are bruised from all the IVs and blood work they have done over the last few weeks. They tried to put a PICC line in today but for some reason couldn't thread it past my shoulder. I was really rooting for them to get it as both the IVs and blood work could be done painlessly through the PICC line.

I have moved down to the 7th floor though which is both nice and irritating. It is nice because it means that I am no longer attached to the blood pressure and heart rate monitors. It is irritating because I once again have a roommate. I hope this one is quieter than my previous one. It would hard for them to be much louder.

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sue said...

take heart - this too shall pass and you'll be home soon and all will be straightened out . hugs and love