Saturday, 10 January 2015

Discharge planning

I only have one line left. Yay! My PICC line came out yesterday and my little wound drainage line was out the day before.

My last line is the vac machine which I don't anticipate losing soon. The good news is that I can go home with it. And there is talk about going home by mid-to-end of next week, yay! Discharge planning has begun!

Yesterday I, along with 4 older men, did medication training with the pharmacists. It was basically a review of all the anti-rejection medications that we will be taking for the rest of our lives. The pharmacist spent an hour scaring us about all the horrible side effects the meds can cause. She also went over the signs of infection and rejection. We were all given a goodie bag of our own medication and sent on our way. I'm now responsible for self-medicating myself (for my anti-rejection meds, with the strict supervision of a nurse) for the next few days.

The discharge coordinator, who I met a few days ago, also stopped by to review everything I need to happen before I'm discharged. She also reviewed all the ways to look for infection and signs of rejection. Everyone loves talking about watching for infection and rejection. This is going to turn me into do hypochondriac.

I can see the light toward the way out of here. Yay!!! I realized yesterday that I've been in the hospital for two months, including my pre-transplant stint at St. Mikes. I can't believe it's been six weeks since my surgery.

I'm ready to go home.


LittleM said...

incredible. its kinda like your book the way your hospital stuff has gone. ups and downs and stories. seeming like going home isnt gonna be as anticlimactic (wow spelling..) as the end of the canada trip. maybe one day soon you can throw the vac machine into the ocean symbolically or something.

Dave VanSlyke said...

It seems to me like forever since your journey started, and following your surgery things have been just flying along (lots of drama to speed things up). I can't believe that they are sending you "home" soon! Wow! You must be so pumped (no pun intended)! Such a roller coaster of emotions leading up to the transplant and now you can look forward to leaving so much behind and getting on with things. You GO!

christina mccully said...

That is such wonderful news and I am so happy for you and your family. You have been though so much and now it is time to get out of there