Sunday, 25 January 2015

24 Hours

24 hours.

That's how long I made it before being summoned back to the hospital. I had a wonderful Saturday; I had a long soak in the tub (well, I couldn't really soak due to my vac dressing but my legs got a much needed soak and scrub), we opened our stockings (Merry Jan-Christmas!), organized my medication, and were just sitting down to enjoy some homemade pizza when my phone rang with a Ontario number.

I knew immediately it was the hospital and had been hoping all day that I wouldn't hear from them. The doctor confirmed that both of my Thursday and Friday blood cultures show I have an infection and that I need more antibiotics, and could I please be here 10 minutes ago. We ended up scarfing down our pizza and heading off to the emerg department. Apparently, I couldn't make it one day without having someone jab a needle into me. 

The good news is that they are trying hard to not re-admit me and instead I get to use the ER as an outpatient unit. I had a dose of antibiotic last night and am returning this evening for another dose. On Monday, they will do a echocardiogram, more blood work, and I hope come up with a better plan than "visit the emerg department every night to get one IV." Although spending every evening on a stretcher in the hallway is still better than being readmitted.


Dave VanSlyke said...

Another small step backwards. Another downhill pitch on the roller coaster. All will be conquered. Hang tough!

Heather McGrath said...

That's too bad! It must be tiring to travel daily to do that! Also hoping for a better plan. Don't they deliver- just like your pizza???

helen soucoup said...

So sorry, another bump in the road. Hope the Christmas stockings and pizza were great and can help to keep your spirits up. Sending lots of love and prayers