Saturday, 3 January 2015

Some loose ends

I mentioned in passing that the 7th floor is quite different than the other floors. The nursing ratio is 4:1 compared to the 2:1 in step-down. Those ratios are the official ratios until someone goes on break and then it always seems to be there is never anyone around. So basically, less hands-on care. No more nurse-on-call (I have to get my own ice chips!). It's like a real hospital experience with a roommate and all.

I thought I would review some things that I've mentioned but have never really followed up on: 

Food: Ever since the trach has come out, swallowing has gotten easier. My throat is still very raw (especially since the 29th OR visit) and the muscles aren't all there yet but it's improving slowly. It goes way better when I don't overthink it. I still have my NG tube (or elephant nose as I call it) and am getting feeds during the night to supplement my diet until I'm back to eating regularly. Providing my appetite holds steady, the dietitian and I are hoping the tube can be removed early next week.

I can not express enough how amazing everything tastes. My taste buds have never been happier.  I sent Isaiah for a frapp on New Years Eve and it was magical. The food court's greasy Chinese yesterday was delightful. And even the cafeteria's mashed potatoes weren't half bad. This magical rediscovering foods must be what makes everyone forget how horrible it was to go without.

Walking: Physio has been quite hands off ever since moving to step-down and especially on 7th. They walked with me a few times and then gave me the green light to walk around with family. They also moved me from the standing to the regular walker which is clearly way easier to maueuver (the standing walkers here are beasts).

Since then, they've checked in a few times to see how I'm doing but haven't taken me out to do anything. I think with the holidays they been low staff. I'm okay with being left to my own devices. Isaiah and I have been walking around every day and just having to do everything myself is quite exhausting.

GI: Everything seems to be holding up nicely. I think I've actually been officially discharged from their system. No news is good news.

Blood clot: I assume it's still one had told me otherwise. They have not done another CT to check it out so it must be ok on all my X-rays. Or at least not growing. They've done multiple ultrasounds on my legs to see if I have more and I actually think they are planning on another one. That was about a week ago and no one has rushed in with a ultrasound machine so clearly it's not their top concern.

Lungs: I guess I should talk about my lungs themselves, they are doing well! They've dried out thanks to the broncs and Lasix. I still can't quite cough yet but I'm working on it. The painful sternum doesn't help so it's good there isn't that much to cough up. I'm on roomair! I went yesterday without oxygen and walked without it fine. Last night the nurse checked my stats a few times and I held steady at 95%. Woohoo!!

Anything else I've forgotten, feel free to ask away!


helen soucoup said...

Fantastic! So wonderful to hear that things are moving forward as they should. Enjoy every mouthful of food! You deserve it! hopefully the elephant noes goes by the end of the week! And maybe soon a shower? Although with that chest opening that might be tricky? It is all just so amazing! are amazing!

Nadine B said...

Oh Alley - we are so glad you are on the 7th floor and a closer step to getting out the door altogether. Everything in this recent post sounds so positive and, even though we know there are many hurdles ahead, you have already overcome so much.
Know that we are still here cheering you on.

christina mccully said...

So happy to hear the good news and you are working so hard. Glad to hear that you are on the 7 floor. Hopefully this is on the road to get out of the hospital