Thursday, 15 January 2015

A update in limbo

Just a quick update to say that there is no real update re: returning back to surgery for the wound. I went for a CT scan yesterday only to be told today that the doctor had ordered the wrong kind. Or, according to the doctor, they ordered the right kind but the techs didn't do it...?

Either way, wires were crossed and I was sent back down today for another CT scan, this time involving being injected with the crazy-make-you-feel-like-you're-peeing-dye. I really hope this was the right one so they can figure out an action plan. I'm still on the floor's discharge board with the 16th in question marks but I'm no longer hopeful that it will actually happen tomorrow.

Positive updates: I'm back to a regular diet again (yay!) and things are going well in the treadmill room. I may have a wound that no one can agree on how to heal but at least I can munch on some chips while they figure it out.


LittleM said...

I do understand that post transplant recovery/life includes way more scans and tests than I can imagine, but I would be outright furious about the CT snafu. It's always been a trigger issue for me.. avoidable scans. grrr.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alley,
Paul and I have been following your blog for some time now - what a roller coaster. You are one tough bird! We have our fingers crossed that you will be home very soon. We are planning to visit with you in Toronto - free meal!!!!!! (Isaiah, too). I hope you got the book we sent and the table runner. I now know how to correct the errors (floats) and was going to suggest that you return the runner to me to fix, but Emma convinced me that you would appreciate it the way it is. I will bring yarn with me when we visit and patch it up if you like.
Hugs and best wishes,
Paul and Kathy from Brockville