Monday, 26 January 2015

Home is scary

I'll be honest, it was scary on Friday to come home. Not in the 'ahhhh scary monster' way, but in the 'I don't know if I can handle being responsible for my own health' kind of way. Ive been in the hospital for so long and had people take care of all my appointments and medical decisions and responsibilities that transitioning back to doing it all myself was a bit much.

It was especially terrifying when Isaiah picked up my two giant bags of anti-rejection medication from pharmacy and it took us forever to sort though them all and figure out what was what. Even more terrifying are the needles I now have to give myself, I'm okay with needles as long as I don't have to inject the pain on myself. Although I have gotten better with the insulin needle, the blood thinner one, not so much. As least I no loner run away from thim. That much of my rational brain is working. 

I think once I get into a routine it and then it will be somewhat less overwhelming.

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