Sunday, 1 February 2015

Happy Feb!

Happy February!

My roommate is indeed quieter than my last one. No screaming at 3am which is wonderful and means that I've been able to sleep pretty well. The only noise comes from the nurses station and that can't really be helped. Nurses are going to be noisy on shift change no matter how much I telepathically tell them to quiet down. 

I must say I'm getting really sick of the hospital food. I know I said previously that it wasn't too bad, and it's not, but there is definitely a bi-weekly rotation that the cafeteria is on. I'm not sure how many more meals of mashed potatoes and stringy roast beef or overcooked pasta I can manage. The options at the food court get better and better every day.

I think I'm just ready to go home. My blood pressure has come down thanks to a certain medication so I feel prepared to be set free in the real world. I just need to get the doctors to agree with me. I would like them to stop poking me for blood and IVs as my arms are both one giant bruise at this point. The fact that I'm on blood thinners too doesn't help with the bruising. They've taken blood from all the regular sports that they are now getting creative and using random locations on my arms for IVs which for some reason hurt worse than the regular sports.

I need a few solid weeks without being stabbed by any needles to recover. I realize that isn't going to happen for awhile seeing as they need to constantly check my anti-rejection levels but a girl can dream.

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Judy Saunders said...

My cousin Dennis Jessome had a double lung transplant 12 years age he is enjoying every day!hope that is encouraging. Lots of warm thoughts and prayers coming your way.