Thursday, 29 January 2015

No brain aneurism!

The good news is that I don't have a brain aneurism. The second CT was clear which is fantastic. I'm still feeling dizzy if I move my head too quickly though. No one seems to know why that's happening and if it's from the medication or a residual effect from the seizures. The anti-seizure medication is working though as I haven't had any more seizures.

They've started me on a new anti-rejection that hopefully has less side effects than the other one. I've also started a "lower blood pressure and heart rate" medication that seems to be working so far. A lot of these medications seem to be given as a reaction to the inital-life-saving-medication. I'm happy to take them as it means I stay alive but it seems as though I'm now trapped even more in the medication cycle.

I haven't seen the neurologist yet who I'm pretty sure gets to make the final call re: treatment of seizures. Perhaps they will grace me with their presence tomorrow so I can get out of here. As nice as the nurses are, I would rather not hang out with them all weekend if at all possible.


Sue said...

good news and I do understand how hanging out with pleasant nurses all weekend may not be the number one priority for you! hopefully you'll be able to go home ... nothing like your own bed!

Mark Pitman said...

Alley, this is what I wrote to Sue's email this morning...

"​In respect to a much overused phrase - Alley is an "inspiration to us all"!! ...​Actually, she is much more than that!! I was so inspired just by my short visit with her in her T.O. hospital room back in September - I left with a different attitude towards my limited mortality and what I thought were "significant issues" in life!!

I sometimes used to wonder what Grammy Swim was like as a young woman - I think she and Alley could have pass for sisters!! Very determined (yes, OK ... stubborn!)... focusing on the ultimate goal of enduring taunting challenges by drawing on energy reserves that would put marathon runners to shame... all the while, maintaining a witty sense of humour and seeing the positive lining in the darkest of clouds!!

Yes, a book would be good... a screenplay would be better ...though a feature-length movie would NOT be long enough!! (it definitely would rival The Hobbit!!!! - all three episodes [9+ hours!!]) ...and it would have to be a comedy!!! ;-)"

Alley, we are all praying and thinking the most positive of thoughts for you... Its been a long ordeal, but we know that if anyone can get through this - YOU CAN!!!

Love, your Uncle Mark

Heather McGrath said...

Hey Alley. Was talking with your dad today and now just catching up on your week! Wow! I have to say that your Uncle Mark said it all so well. As I read your blog to Bob, it's amazing to hear your continued humour-with sarcasm! You are truly an amazing young woman with tremendous determination which at this time with the many setbacks may be faltering at times- hang in there!