Sunday, 18 January 2015

Photos: Adventure to Sick Kids

I finally got my quiet weekend. The only real news from the doctors is that my white blood count levels are low and remain low and they aren't quite sure why. They are still working on the balance between having my medication levels high enough to avoid rejection but low enough that it doesn't completely destroy what little immune system remains. They will monitor the problem through continual blood work checks. 

We decided this lazy Sunday was as good of a time as any to try to find the mysterious tunnel linking TGH to the Sick Kids hospital and the Princess Margaret hospital. I thought it would be fun to see what the food court at Sick Kids offered by way of food-variety. Turns out, not very much.

Here is our photo blog of the creepy basement walk:

To the basement we go! Kind of looks like a horror movie starts.
Please don't let there be a murderer in these hallways...
There was a strange noise coming from this room.
We found the hallway where hospital beds, computers, and desks go to die despite the one persons signage effort.
We sent brave Isaiah on ahead to look for murderers.
Someone killed the Easter Bunny!!
Maybe it was the asbestos.
We emerged from the basement to find a fun library. We knew we were in the right place.

Found it! Sick Kids is so much cooler than the adults. All hospitals should have libraries and giant bear statues.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you could get all the way to Union Station!

Anonymous said...

Well, one of your many strengths in life Alley is the ability to make lemonade out of lemons. Good for you, making the best of your wait in limbo to do some exploring. Hoping to hear soon that they have figured it out and you are stitched up and going home. Sending all my best

Kaye Birnie (cf mom)

helen soucoup said...

This is hilarious! Creepy dead bunny and shacky camera is stranger than fiction ...especially around you guys!

Anonymous said...

This was too funny! You look great in that picture. It is wonderful to see you looking so happy.

Sharon Fawcett said...

This post reminded me of another search you and Amy went on, a while ago, documented on your blog. You didn't happen to find the ignominious Jian Ghomeshi hiding out in the tunnel with the slain Easter Bunny, did you? :)

Dave VanSlyke said...

Your tunnel travel was so successful- cheap, scary, educational, scary, rewarding and scary. I would have wanted to leave a bread crumb trail so I could find my way back, but the murderers might have eaten them just before......

Alley said...

Bahahaha, how things change in a year... I think I would have had my first attempt at running if we found him lurking in the corner.