Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Goodbye elephant nose!

The NG (feeding tube) is out! Yay! I'm now officially responsible for all my own caloric and pill intake. Eek!

The strangest part was after it came out, my first thought was "I can't breathe" and then "wait a second...that makes no sense." It's as though the pressure in my nose was tricking my brain somehow to thinking I was still wearing nasal prongs. 

And I don't even mean tricking my brain, I just mean that the feeling of having something in my nose has become so associated with oxygen and breathing easier that apparently even an NG tube was doing the trick. Once I convinced my lungs that they did not, in fact, need help from a feeding tube in order to get air, it felt so good to have the tube out. One less line to worry about.

I have my face back! My poor tape-sticky-residue-face. 

With the pill swallowing, I'm swallowing my tiny pills and then the rest are being broken up into applesauce (I'm eating a lot of applesauce these days). Today was my first day with this system and so far the small capsules are making it down no problem. Soon enough I'll be ready for the four Creon I reflexively put in my mouth before supper tonight. I was at the point of starting to take a drink before I realized what I was doing and stopped. Oh habits, how you are trying to choke me. 

As for the food, I'm still on a soft diet for swallowing but that basically means anything but stringy, raw, seedy, or crunchy food. The swallowing is going much better. There is a lot of food available in that open window that I have been throughly enjoying. In traditional hospital style, I have amassed a pile of snacky or meal-type replacement foods in my room. 

I've heard unpleasant things about the food here but I honestly feel they haven't been that bad (although I couldn't eat anything 10 days ago so who am I to judge). I mean they are very hit and miss but for mass produced food, they give it a solid effort. I've had fresh fruit, hot tea, and at least the mashed potatoes don't arrive with a weird crusty top on them. *cough* *cough* Halifax *cough*


LittleM said...

i totally get the potential to feel like the ng tube helped you breathe. ohhhh Allison. lol. :) must feel so good. so is it down to just the vac thing now or do you have any other lines?

helen soucoup said...

Yeah...another happy blog! So excited for you....Soon we'll see you hiking and riding horses and stuff!

christina mccully said...

Very exciting day for you and one more step to getting out of the hospital